Experts in personalizing luxury products with laser engraving

DWS uses its expertise in laser-material interaction to support your product personalization projects using laser engraving. We provide machines for in-store applications and e-commerce logistics centers and offer consulting services for luxury and packaging companies.

Luxury brands and their customers love adding personalized engraving to items, because it allows them to give (or treat themselves to) a truly unique gift. Whether the material is glass, crystal, leather, metal, wood, cardboard etc., the personalized item takes on sentimental value, a crucial part of an unforgettable customer experience.

By choosing our engraving machines, the DS1 and the DS2You're opting for absolute excellence. The possibilities and types of engraving and options are numerous: personalization of text, motifs, illustrations... with meticulous design. Discover how you can co-create your own product personalization story with DWS. 

By opting for our laser engraving personalization solution, you enter a world of bespoke elegance and luxury, where every element is meticulously designed to satisfy the most exacting requirements.
Explore how our laser expertise solutions can enhance your products, offering your customers a unique and memorable experience.