DWS connected engraving machines

DS1 engraving machine


Plug & Play

Integrated software suite


This laser engraving machine was especially designed by our R&D teams to meet the needs of an exacting environment: compact size, streamlined design, fast engraving, and seamless digital experience. The resulting engraving is worthy of the leading brands and can be applied to a broad range of materials and products: glass bottles, plastic packaging, paper wrapping, wooden boxes, leather accessories, and more.

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 120 cm (16 x 16 x 47 in)


No smoke or residue


Choose the color of your engraving machine to perfectly match your brand universe.

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DWS has an infinite number of color options.

Choose a custom color for your engraving machine in the exact shade you desire for an elegant and sophisticated result.

Notre Machine de gravure laser DS2 et la tablette DWS

DS2 engraving machine

An engraving machine designed to accommodate products in a wider range of shapes and sizes. The perfect solution to offer personalization on a varied catalog of products, ranging from items that measure only a few millimeters to a decanter that holds several liters.

Perfect for larger products

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 130 cm (20 x 20 x 52 in)


No smoke or residue

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 130 cm (20 x 20 x 52 in)


No smoke or residue

Notre machine de gravure laser DS2, avec une carafe de spiritueux


Custom your laser engraving machine in the color of your choice for a perfect harmony with your luxurious universe.

Frequently Asked Questions


We are here to answer your questions.


The engraving machines developed by DWS are used for product personalization on a broad range of materials and products. There are many potential laser applications: engraving, depigmentation, marking, cutting, foaming… 

Oui, pour plus d’informations sur la durée et les termes de la garantie. Veuillez nous contacter directement.

Our engraving machines were designed to engrave on broad range of materials such as glass,, crystal, paper, leather, metal, wood, plasticaluminum ...

DWS's laser-material expertise enables exceptionally refined and instant embellishments on a large selection of products and materials, that last in time, without ink or consumables. We offer a variety of personalization options, you can engrave any kind of text in the language and font of your choosing, as well as initials, drawings, and QR codes... see more.

Oui, il est possible de louer nos machines de gravure pour courte et longue durée. Veuillez nous contacter pour plus d’informations sur nos offres de leasing offer.

Yes, DWS team are directly present in the main zones : Europe, Asia and USA. Thus you can benefit from an international support on all the continents where you operate.

Yes, our engraving machine have the necessary certifications to be installed in a large number of countries without any particular procedure.

The laser engraving offers many advantages: it doesn’t require ink and other consumables. Furthermore, it allows you to engrave with precision and rapidity on a wide range of materials. The engravings remain durable and unalterable.

Yes, in order to guarantee an optimal use, we offer complete training courses, either remotely or in person, for a quick learning of the engraving machines.

Yes, it is possible to integrate new products into your catalog and to add and/or modify graphic elements (fonts, illustrations, languages...) according to your wishes.

Our engraving machines require a power supply ranging from 110V to 240V.

No, because the engraving booth is equipped with a plexiglass window that complies with the EN 207 standard. This glass is transparent to visible light but opaque to the infrared wavelength of the laser.