The DWS personalization solution for an exceptional in-store customer experience

When designing a luxury boutique, the details make all the difference

An engraving machine designed to blend seamlessly into a luxury retail setting:

  • Silent
  • An engraving booth equipped with a mirror so customers can watch the performance of engraving
  • A memorable in-store customer experience
  • Instant engraving
  • Customizable covering to match your merchandising

An easy ceremonial flourish for your sales associates thanks to an easy-to-use engraving machine

  • Can be learned in just 15 minutes
  • A tablet with a simple, intuitive digital interface

Add enchantment to your luxury retail universe to create an elegant, controlled in-store customer experience.

Personalization ceremonial

A simplified in-store personalization process

In-store personalization process with DWS

Customer purchases a product in store
Sales associate personalizes the product instantly before the customer’s eyes
Customer leaves with their personalized product

A delightful customer experience, instant service, control over your brand image, and the ability to use the same personalization solution both in-store and for e-commerce.

In-store personalization process with an engraving workshop

Customer purchases a product in store
The store ships the product to the workshop
The workshop personalizes the product
The workshop sends the product back to the brand
The brand ships the engraved product to the end customer

No control over the quality of engraving, extremely costly and time-consuming in terms of logistics.