Mastering laser engraving to meet luxury standards

DWS is constantly seeking for new research projects to explore and pushing further the limits of laser technology. An engineering team is sensible to the beauty and devoted to identifying how the laser interacts with the matter to uncover all the possible fields.

The technical laser expertise of DWS leads to an outstanding and magical experience. A beautiful match between the light and luxurious materials to set rule-breaking trends.


We are expanding the laser possibilities to create unique product personalization, regardless of the materials.

The ability to interpret the material and reveal its potential through laser engraving

DWS forges partnerships with Maison of excellence

DWS accompagne des directeurs artistiques, des directeurs de marque des Maisons de luxe, ou des industriels innovants en respectant leur niveau d'excellence et tout en apportant de l’expertise et de la modernité.

Adaptation of a historical illustration for a collaboration with the brand Ciment and the Comédie Française

DWS took up the creative challenge from the Savonnerie Ciment: to engrave the historical logo of the Comédie Française that had been hand-drawn in the XVII century and to adapt it to laser technology.

Why would rather choose laser engraving over mechanical engraving?

Maison Francis Kurkdjian has replaced mechanical engraving with laser engraving to offer a wide choice to their clients, in terms of typography, color, position on the perfume bottle, while being perfectly consistent with the whole catalog and gracefully respecting the brand guidelines.

Les industries du luxe et les industriels innovants choisissent DWS

Multi-format and multi-material engravings

DWS has designed as an all-in-one engraving machine capable of incorporating a diverse catalog of products in various shapes and materials: glass bottle, plastic lipstick case, cardboard packaging, leather notebook, soap...

Each material reacts differently to this high-tech jewel. The engraving expert's art is to extract creative leads.

We are committed to design the most sustainable solutions possible

DWS chose laser technology as an environmentally responsible alternative: the engraving is material-friendly and unalterable because it does not require ink, labels, or additional packaging.